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MullaneyVision History

MullaneyVision first saw the light of day in Williamsburg, Virginia, in the early 1990s. David Mullaney was very enthusiastic about helping others, using computers and earning a living.

"MullaneyVision" described David's view of opportunity. The arts, the creative process and technology were emerging as related ideas like never before. Desktop publishing was available to anyone with the means, the flair and the patience to pursue it. David found customers that needed new menus, ongoing newsletters, resumes and related services.

As David focused on a Master of Science in Computer Science at the College of William and Mary, MullaneyVision would have to wait in terms of a business pursuit. That continued to be the case when David graduated and moved on to software engineering and systems engineering for Hewlett-Packard Company in Colorado.

The early 21st century brought in new technologies to make the Internet an integral part of our society and economy. The economy also bumped over significant challenges and re-organizations of enterprises. In the Fall of 2002, David was free to look around for new horizons in business. Part of that search brought MullaneyVision back to the surface and led to its formal registration as a Colorado business with an official starting date of October 1, 2002.

Early in 2003, domains appeared on the Internet with a variety of resources. David noticed a need to help the small business owner, the budding entrepreneur and determined individuals. Each client has dreams that MullaneyVision helps to assemble. Be sure to visit the "Services" page to find out more about dream assembly.