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PM's Responsibility Checklist

A starting place to see which PMBOK Area Knowledge skills are part of your work environment:
# Area of Knowledge Reality Check Description
1Communication Develop/expand PMIS
2Integration, Communication & Scope Interface between customer and service provider
3Risk Measure/analyze/reduce risk
4Quality Define/measure/collaborate/enhance quality
5Quality & Risk Define/improve business processes
6Integration Collaborate with other PMs and departments
7HR Identify skills needed in resource pool
8HR Evaluate/track skills available
9HR Encourage ongoing training
10Procurement Budget projects
11Procurement Execute (and plan) RFPs
12Cost Estimate/measure/track earned value
13Time Facilitate duration estimating
14Time Track reality against plan
15Time & Integration Make network diagram
16Scope Facilitate scope definition
17Scope Gain agreement on scope
18Scope Work to minimize scope change
19Time Adjust task estimates in Gantt as needed
20Scope Facilitate WBS creation
21HR Apply lessons learned
22Communication Organize/lead meetings
23Communication Celebrate victories/accomplishments
24HR Negotiate to use talent needed
25Procurement & HR Identify tools needed
26Communication Manage requirements

The sequence is not in any specific order.

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