You And I Are...

Accountability pairing allows two people to keep each other on track. The name UNIR can be spelled in English "You And I Are" or simply pronounced in Spanish (the verb "to unite" or "uniting"). This is appropriate, because one gets to know himself or herself better through these meetings, and the two people become united!

Two documents explore much more detail about this subject. The first is an article "Considering UNIR: Thoughts on Establishing an Accountability Pair"; the message explores the motivation to create such a relationship and some of the approaches that seem to work. The second document explains the form available below to help provide structure, effectiveness and efficiency to the UNIR experience; each part of the form is discussed in detail, as well as considerations about which format to use (and how to adapt the content to your need).

Very detailed instructions about technical manipulation of files for your UNIR needs is covered by the Instructions and Suggestions link above. At this point, I will remind the reader that initial progress can be accomplished through processes that are probably very familiar:

  1. Open the documents with your browser by standard link clicking below; then use the browser File menu to Save the page to your computer or Print the page(s) as you like.
  2. Or "right-click" (move the cursor to the link and press on the button opposite your normal clicker) and select the "Save Target As..." (or similar) prompt from the context-sensitive menu. Subsequently, you may open the document with whichever program is most effective for your use of that file in that format.

Here are the forms:

You may also be interested to see the difference between accountability groups, mentoring, coaching and therapy. Some of this is discussed at www.mullaneyvision.net/added

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